Android Development For Dummies

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Even if you've never written a mobile application, this book has the know-how you need to turn your great ideas into cool apps for the Android platform. With millions of smartphone users and a cornucopia of carriers, Android is a great place to ply the app development trade. This book shows you from the ground up how to set up your environment and create an app. Read on to become an Android developer extraordinaire!

  • Welcome to Android — learn what makes a great Android app, how to use the SDK, ways to work with mobile screens, and how the development process works
  • Make users happy — find out how to design an interface that mobile users will love
  • Learn the code — work with the activity lifecycle and Android framework classes, use the Eclipse debugger, and create a home screen widget for your app
  • Beyond the basics — take your skills up a notch with apps that involve SQLite databases and multiple screens
  • Price and publish — pick the right price for your app and get it into the Android Market

Open the book and find:

  • Cool ways to use the accelerometer in your app
  • How to turn mobile limitations into opportunities
  • Tips on installing and setting up the tools
  • Step-by-step coding directions
  • Ways to make your apps more marketable
  • How to create really useful menus
  • Advice on app pricing
  • Ten great sample apps and SDKs, including code

Learn to:

  • Create apps for hot smartphones like Droid X, Galaxy S, and MyTouch
  • Download the SDK and get Eclipse up and running
  • Code Android applications
  • Submit your apps to the Android Market
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